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211 Central East Ontario – Goderich disaster report

Goderich Tornado – post disaster response brief



Donating Trees

Dear Reader:

I had the great fortune of attending our local Kinsmen meeting last night. Those boys just have way too much fun! The awesome thing about being able to see a service club in action though is how they get things done and the fantastic work they do. District Governor Dan was in attendance and it’s something to behold. I went to do my presentation about the Goderich Trees Project.

A few things that have come to my attention are that a lot of people are interested in donating trees. I was even contacted by a lady in London that would love to give us hers as it’s grown too big for the spot it’s in. The unfortunate thing about accepting donated trees is the cost of transporting them. So, at this time I am going to take tree donations into consideration. Continue reading

Goderich Trees Project

We will rebuild.

Planting the Ents.

Trees are normally marked on their north side  at the Nursery. They should not have any more than a quarter turn when replanted. Some varieties don’t care but most do! You can dig a bigger diameter of hole than  what the tree needs ,but don’t dig any deeper than they need to be at their natural growing height. Flood tree roots with water to bring out any air and settle earth tight against root ball.
Goderich soil is healthy if you don’t fertilize they will still grow I have been fertilizing my nursery this week high phosphorous and potash low in nitrogen. Mulch is great but no more than 3 inches deep or it will keep air from getting to the roots. Copy and pasted from one of our Tree Experts.

Tree Pick Up Tomorrow at 8:00 am

Great Fun Actually

by Jody Armstead on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 4:23am

  I spent yesterday, all day on the computer again but it’s starting to get really amusing. I’m just learning how to Twitter, trying to use all the social media tools available for the project. I potter around in the thing and occasionally would see someone of interest so I would tweet @them. Of coarse first you have to follow them, kinda like a stalker and then you sick your bird on ’em.  All I can picture is poor Peter Mansbridge and Dalton McGuinty ducking while that crazy bird dive bombs them. The CBC and the CTV I don’t feel so bad about because I picture them as buildings…..Is that just me or is that what really happens?  lol

We are also spending a great deal of time trying to round up volunteers to get these eight trees in the ground and I’m not sure how that is going. I handed the registry over to Luke yesterday so he could have his way with it. Continue reading