Private Property owners in the Town of Goderich need your help.

Friday October 14, 2011

“For Immediate Release”

Private Property owners in the Town of Goderich need your help.

-Goderich, Ontario, Canada- Hit by an F3 Tornado Sunday August 21 2011

Goderich Trees is a project initiated by a volunteer group impacted by the F3 tornado that hit Goderich, Ontario, Canada on Aug. 21 2011. It is an endeavor to self advocate, initiate and accomplish as much as we can to heal our landscape. Our goal is to help replace the mature trees lost with large Caliper trees. We have started a mass and social media campaign asking that any parties ready, willing and able to assist us donate by sending a cheque to:

Town of Goderich

57 West St.

Goderich, Ontario

N7A 2K5

Cheques made out to the Goderich Edge Fund with Environment: Goderich Trees in the memo line. You can also donate on line through Goderich Edge Fund under the heading of Essence and Environment.

The Goderich Trees Project is a collaborative of many volunteers from many backgrounds. We have the know how and the skills and the people power to do this. We expect for the next five years if it’s necessary. Understanding that we would never put a mature tree on a property before the house gets there. We are seeking to help those that need it the most having found that a lot of our insurances don’t cover lost trees. We set up a tree registry through 211 for our residence to help us fill out a request form so that we understand need. We also intend to do a mass inventory of private properties to  catalogue what we lost, so we can approach the Federal and Provincial government for assistance through Disaster Relief. That project may take anywhere up to a year to kick in. You never know how much you appreciate a tree until it is gone.

We can be reached through and if you would like to see a more detailed explanation of this Project you can view our page at or follow us on Twitter at Goderichtrees.

On behalf of the people in Goderich I would like to express my absolute thanks to you in advance.

Jody Armstead  Volunteer Project Coordinator



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