How the Tree Registry is Working

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Probably the easiest way to explain this is by giving examples:

Example #1

Our first registration included a list of what had been lost.  2 Maple trees, 2 Rose of Sharon, 2 small Evergreen and a Sand Cherry and also expressed a need for help to finish cleaning up the property. We tackled the clean up first. Different people went on days when they could and got it done. Check that off.

Second  was contact made through with a family that wanted to help another family. Did the homework and came back saying she could do some of the “wish list.” On Thanksgiving Monday a family including four children came with 2 Rose of Sharon and the 2 Evergreen and got them planted. Plus the children helped with a little final tidying up. Same family is also purchasing Sand Cherry in the spring. Check those off.

Someone else  may come forward to help other Registrants.

Example #2

From the registry a homeowner lost part of his Cedar Hedge. This home has to replace a roof, many windows and have the interior of the house repaired. Cruising the Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub page we saw an individual wanting to donate Cedar trees. Contacted the homeowner and donor to facilitate . Mark Done Saturday October 15 2011

Smashed windows.

We are the conduit connecting dots and making GOOD things happen. We firmly believe that when you do the right thing the Universe does everything it can to help. Never underestimate what we CAN do……….and don’t ever underestimate what you CAN do either.

Please consider sharing this page with your friends on Facebook at or getting our email address out, We have just set up a twitter account under Goderichtrees also.


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