Tree planting starts this weekend.

Hello All:

Just keeping everyone apprised of our current status. I have ordered 8 large caliper trees to be delivered and planted by the volunteers this weekend.

These trees are going to eight separate properties and I’m really looking forward to seeing this thing in motion. Any media parties interested in attending this social event please email me at goderichtrees@gmail and I will let you know the particulars as they become available to me. Still plotting and planning the activity but should have all that in place shortly.

We are planning  to buy six more trees for a planting this fall and will consider ourselves in good shape.  Funding is just starting come in through the EdgeFund and we had a very small window to work in. Please be assured that we are gearing up for spring where the Campaign will be on a larger scale.

I am going to ask kindly here  that if you are interested in helping  please share this web page address at and follow OR make contact with the Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub through their Facebook page. Thanks in advance.

Batten down the hatches, it’s starting to feel like Old Man Winter is getting a bead on us 🙂


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