Request for Donation Consideration

Request for Donation Consideration

by Jody Armstead on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 9:27am

  Goderich Trees is a project initiated by an unincorporated association of volunteers impacted by the F3 tornado that hit Goderich, Ontario, Canada on Aug. 21 2011. It is an endeavor to self advocate, initiate and accomplish as much as we can to heal our landscape. Our goal is to assist private property owners with replacing trees and greenery to the best of our ability with donated resources. Our future interests may also include helping people to restore their gardens by being the conduit to different horticultural societies that can assist.

Goderich Trees and the Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub is  in NO way affiliated with or represent any interest of the Town of Goderich nor any project of their tree planting agenda on Municipal lands. We are an Unincorporated Association of Volunteers assisting private properties only.

We are working with the EdgeFund that can be accessed through and reached through in order to accomplish part of their mandate to contribute funding to projects that help restore the essence of Goderich. The donors, and now the EdgeFund, define the essence of Goderich as being expressed through: the built, natural and cultural heritage of our community. Donations through the EdgeFund must be submitted into Essence and Environment to get to the Goderich Trees Project.

Our endeavor is to build morale, nurture our sense of community, and to generate further revenue or donations for ongoing Goderich Trees projects. Through our efforts to date we have been able to purchase eight large caliper trees that were planted  on eight separate properties this fall . As our budget was limited at this time we used our  group of volunteers to move these trees and plant them. The small window that we had to plant trees in the Autumn has now closed. We will be doing a mass and social media campaign over the winter months to facilitate a much larger scale spring campaign.

We have a Goderich private residential tree request form that our residents can access either by calling 211 or filling out at the public Library OR the East St. Train Station. The request forms are processed to assess need and are then placed  into  the Spring Campaign folder for future reference as we are all in different stages of the rebuild. We have started a Blog to get information out to the public at and also have an email address at to help connect donors to recipients and field any questions.

There are so many stories from our residents that haven’t been told yet. Part of the loss we sustained was our trees. The  privacy and comfort they provided us, the shade, the shelter and part of the soul of our community as other living breathing entities. We firmly believe that in order to help heal our community we need to heal the land. The pictures you saw of the devastation don’t even begin to give you a sense of how it feels to live, work and play in a landscape devoid of them.

If it’s in your heart to give or your ability to hold a fundraiser please consider the Goderich Trees Project.

Thank you in advance.

Jody Armstead

Volunteer Co-ordinator


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