What is it?
The Edgefund
is a fund that began with a generous donation by John and Marcy McCall-MacBain immediately after the devastating tornado of August 21, with a mandate to contribute funding to projects that help restore the essence of Goderich.

Goderich residents Mark Hussey, Rick Lobb and Randall Lobb are the Edgefund committee members and all three can be reached at culture@edgefund.org

The Edgefund is apolitical, is not affiliated with any interest group or organization, and works in concert with the decisions and best interests of the municipality and its constituents.

How do we define the essence of Goderich?
Our donors, and now the EdgeFund, defines the essence of Goderich as being expressed through: the built, natural and cultural heritage of our community.

How does it work?
The EdgeFund is primarily a small-projects fund, designed to contribute additional funding to projects falling within our definition of the essence of Goderich.

The EdgeFund can:

  • Contribute donations of gap (or top up) funding to building restoration projects to a cap of $15,000
  • Assist residence who lost trees or sustained natural landscape damage as a direct result of the tornado, with specific purpose to replant and regrow.
  • Fund and/or help organize arts and cultural projects like Out of the Storm to build morale, nurture our sense of community, and in some cases, to generate further revenue or donations for ongoing EdgeFund projects and further contributions.

What is the current status of the fund?

Who can apply for EdgeFund assistance?
Building owners who have been affected by the tornado, who are rebuilding and/or restoring, and have already received their insurance settlement, and ODRAP funding, but still need top up funding for their reconstruction, can apply for EdgeFund assistance.
The EdgeFund is also working with a community group creating a registry of Goderich and area residents who have lost trees and wish to replant on their own property.

Where do I get an application?
Applications will be made online at www.edgefund.org. The applications will be posted as soon as we can make them available.

Thanks for your interest!
Mark Hussey, Rick Lobb, Randall Lobb


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