Tree Pick Up Tomorrow at 8:00 am

Great Fun Actually

by Jody Armstead on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 4:23am

  I spent yesterday, all day on the computer again but it’s starting to get really amusing. I’m just learning how to Twitter, trying to use all the social media tools available for the project. I potter around in the thing and occasionally would see someone of interest so I would tweet @them. Of coarse first you have to follow them, kinda like a stalker and then you sick your bird on ’em.  All I can picture is poor Peter Mansbridge and Dalton McGuinty ducking while that crazy bird dive bombs them. The CBC and the CTV I don’t feel so bad about because I picture them as buildings…..Is that just me or is that what really happens?  lol

We are also spending a great deal of time trying to round up volunteers to get these eight trees in the ground and I’m not sure how that is going. I handed the registry over to Luke yesterday so he could have his way with it.

If you are reading this and happen to be a videographer or a news reporter please consider putting your rubber boots and a rain slicker on and heading out to Baker’s Nursery at 77697 Porter’s Hill Line near Bayfield. The more press we get for the start we got this fall, the better our effort will be in the spring. Thanks for your attention and if I’m driving you nuts with the twitter thing I’ll apologize here 🙂

We may not be able to get these trees in the ground tomorrow but at least we will get them into town and to the residents and will help facilitate getting them planted with the unincorporated association of grassroots volunteers.

Stay dry today kids!


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