Donating Trees

Dear Reader:

I had the great fortune of attending our local Kinsmen meeting last night. Those boys just have way too much fun! The awesome thing about being able to see a service club in action though is how they get things done and the fantastic work they do. District Governor Dan was in attendance and it’s something to behold. I went to do my presentation about the Goderich Trees Project.

A few things that have come to my attention are that a lot of people are interested in donating trees. I was even contacted by a lady in London that would love to give us hers as it’s grown too big for the spot it’s in. The unfortunate thing about accepting donated trees is the cost of transporting them. So, at this time I am going to take tree donations into consideration. We have a property owner at the edge of town that has kindly offered to let us use their spot as a sort of tree depot. Logistically we could probably make it work but I don’t think that our resources would cover the cost of moving them at this time. If people willing to donate trees would be so kind as to inquire about that cost before offering them to us. I would love to look at the figures. I have to be a smart shopper for lack of a better word.

The way that our fall campaign worked was that we were able to buy large caliper trees from a local nursery and we moved and planted them with a respectable  body of volunteers. Some of these people having great tree knowledge and able to direct the others as to the how. So, still thinking about our resources. People want to help other people and I get it and am so incredibly happy about the interest this Project is starting to receive.

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits.


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