Positive forward motion

The Goderich Trees Project which is a group of volunteers seeking to help others effected by the F3 Tornado that ripped through our town this past August is pushing forward with their agenda. Our agenda has always been to assist as many private property owners in any way we can with the regreening of their properties. We are the conduit between the assistance and those needing it. People reaching out from far and wide offering trees for donation. We started a tree registry for this to happen and are offering volunteer service to plant these trees so that our taxpayers don’t have to. Registries can be picked up at the East Street Train Station.

Just some of the amazing things we have been given. 500 White Spruce seed kits to hand out to our children from the float that we are entering in our annual Goderich Santa Clause parade. Compliments of Ontario Power Generation and Trees Ontario. Both of these fantastic organizations willing to assist us come spring. Hope floats, let a little person who’s home has been demolished find themselves a pot to plant that in. Watch the wonder in the childs eyes as it grows. Let those same children know that the GTP is going to bring a brand new big tree come spring. Have your children register their seed kit at Ontario Power Generation Biodiversity Program or see the other great news at Trees Ontario.

From close and far. One lady with Oak trees that are the offspring of trees brought from the Royal Arboretum in England offering the small ones in her yard as well as the ones from her mothers yard in London, Ontario. You bet your booties we would love to have them. Who hasn’t done their best thinking, dreaming, writing, singing with their back against the mighty Oak? People in Palmerston and Listowel willing to donate any trees that are movable off of their Industrial Land and find them new homes. The Goderich Trees Project will through generous donations made to http://www.edgefund.org and earmarked under the heading of “Essence and Environment.”  It’s not always the trees that cost money, it’s the transportation.

The challenge has always been to get the word out, to be a place or an entity where people willing to help can do so. We have recently been added to our local Goderich and District Chamber of Commerce website under “events.”

We have been approaching large corporations and foundations on behalf of the citizens in the town of Goderich and are receiving some positive feedback. We have also had a booth kindly donated to us at the forthcoming Landscape Ontario Congress in Toronto were we intend to push the word out further. We are a unique community in a rural landscape where many city dwellers are choosing to make their retirement.

We have been handed a jigsaw puzzle and it’s up to us to sort it out. How to rebuild, how to move forward together into our new future, how to help one another, how to succeed in keeping our families and our lives and our livelihoods in tact. How to attract business interest, how to survive the great child drain that we all suffer. We had the pleasure of an Urban Strategist come to visit to help us get through this. Our town has hired a planner to help us with our re-visioning.

Without funding, how can we possibly move forward. What did we ever do to deserve this? How can we grasp any of it? There are still days where I wake up and think to myself………what the hell do you mean, we had a Tornado? Who’s reality is this, cause if it’s mine, quite frankly I don’t want it anymore. What we want is to help fix it, to make the land whole again, to give succor to a family that asks us for just one tree, just so they can find some small comfort in it.

We will remain tireless in this quest and we will remain the conduit. There are still so many people here hurting, trying to deal with one of the greatest losses any person will ever suffer. The comfort of your home, the security, the sanctity we find behind it’s walls. We cannot assist with the rebuilding of peoples homes and livelihoods but we can make it just a little easier by providing donated trees to those new or damaged homes. Look out your window and think about it.

Carpe Diem


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