Brilliant Statement By Our Deputy Mayor

by John C. Grace on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 9:30am
Let’s grab the opportunity and walk away from the temptation of going back to where we were prior to August 21.
We need to create a new vision and a new direction and it needs to start in the core: enhancing streetscapes, landscapes, arts, culture and heritage in a big way. Think big or stay at home. Invest heavily, take chances and grow! We have all the natural attributes right here in Goderich. We have the uniqueness of the square, we have the river and the trails, the harbour, the architecture, the landscape. Above all, we have the creative innovative talented people; the entrepreneur and business owners the volunteers, those community members who can make innovation and change happen.
We are strategically a regional centre and geographically located right on Lake Huron. The seeds have already been planted for the growth of music festivals with the Celtic and Blues Festivals, and great potential in the theatre and arts community. This potential is huge. We can be and we should be the most attractable lifestyle driven community in Southwestern Ontario.
Council can lay the ground work and set the stage but cannot deliver the show. Somehow we need to get the private sector heavily involved from the beginning right through the strategic planning stage to implementation. The business community has the resources, and creativity but needs to be encouraged to take ownership. It needs Council’s support and Council’s commitment. we all need to embrace the innovative, creative entrepreneurs and to acknowledge that there are no bad ideas just some more doable than others.
Who is going to pay for all these great ideas? We need to bring everybody to the table: Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments, small and large business and the citizens of Goderich. It has been demonstrated that our governments will come to the table with significant resources, provided we have a good, solid plan.
Goderich has the upper hand on most communities. The shear beauty of our community and the assets that comprise it give us a huge advantage. But we cannot stand still. We need to change. We need to involve as many people as possible so that we can effectively work together as a united community.


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