Spring Planting dates and trees available.

Hello All:

It’s been awhile since I updated but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening. Busy month ahead of us. We’ve got fifteen  donated sugar maple coming to Goderich this Tuesday. These 3″ Caliper trees are coming from Pro-Lawn Landscaping in Orono. Our transportation company, Knoop Industries is going to pick them up for the price of his gas.

All of these trees have homes and will be being planted on Saturday April 14th by a large group of volunteers. We have purchased “event ” insurance for this and the other planting date of April 28. We have 33 trees on order for that date. All homeowners have to have their locates done to receive these trees. Following due diligence and all that good stuff we are really looking forward to these Events.

Trees Ontario along with some local Colleges and our own YMCA will be hosting the larger event on the 28th with informational sessions, brochures and lectures. Media will also be covering this event.

If you have not applied for a tree or know a family member, neighbour or friend who’s property could benefit after being hit by the F3. Please contact goderichtrees@gmail.com  We are also gathering our list of volunteers:)


One response to “Spring Planting dates and trees available.

  1. this is fantastic, all trees should have homes and be planted. They only increase the value of someone’s landscape, add more oxygen to the air and provide shade when it’s too sunny out. Nice to hear about those sugar maple’s

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