BIG Planting Event this Saturday April 28

So, a convoy of four trucks and trailers gathered at Bakers Nursery early Sunday morning. I had all my homework done presuming we could put 8 trees on each trailer and everyone had their list of tree species going to individual address’. Presume nothing should have been my motto for the day. You guessed it! Some trailers could take 8, others 4 and we had to load the two big ones kinda over their weight maximum. Mother God was listening to me sweat it all the way back to town where we arrived safely.

33 Trees got delivered after a lot of head scratching and going in circles. I think I can safely say, I now know where almost every street in Goderich is. But we’re golden. Some of these trees got planted on Sunday which was Earth Day, what a blessing BUT there are still a lot to go in. If you’ve got the time this Saturday, please consider registering at the Goderich YMCA to help us plant these trees on Private Properties. It’s a byo shovel event and you might want to wear your wellies if this weather keeps up. We would sure appreciate your help:)


One response to “BIG Planting Event this Saturday April 28

  1. We are looking forward to a fantastic tree planting event this Saturday in Goderich!

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