Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fall Planting Date

Plenty of things going on at the Project getting ready for this falls plant date. Mark down Nov 17th on your calendars and stay tuned. A busy weekend is in the works.

All homeowners will be contacted by mid October to make sure everyone will have their underground locates done before the 1st of November. This is necessary for insurance purposes and we are sorry but can make NO exceptions, even if you just know there is nothing in the backyard. We still need the paper work and it’s just a few simple phone calls really.

During the phone call a volunteer will discuss tree species available to better help you choose. One of the things that it’s imperative we shoot for is species diversity. Everyone knows the pitfalls that are found if you plant too many of the same type. Thinking here is Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease. In the same breathe. We are seeking sources for Elm trees to better help the diversity. I am no rocket scientist (read tree specialist) but understand that the people that are have come up with a species of Elm that is resistant. Continue reading


Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis L.)