Mission Statement

  Goderich Town Council and Administration  has approved the information below to be placed on the Town of Goderich web-site concerning the Goderich Trees Project, on private lands subject to the following:
– The Corporation of the Town of Goderich is not involved with this
– This group is a self described not incorporated body
– The contact information for this group is contained in the project
-this is an arms length group totally separate from the Town of Goderich
Council and Administration activities.The Goderich Trees Project is an initiative by an non-incorporated grass
roots group of individuals impacted by the F3 tornado that hit Goderich,
Ontario on August 21, 2011.  Our goal is to assist private property owners
with replacing trees and greenery, knowing that this advocating endeavor
will work to help heal our landscape, and in turn help heal our people.
The Goderich Trees Project is in no way affiliated with or representative
of the Town of Goderich or any municipal tree planting project on municipal
lands.  We are a non-incorporated, grass roots driven group of volunteers
We are working with the Goderich EdgeFund which can be accessed through
www.edgefund.org. and reached at culture@edgefund.org Our project receives
assistance through the “Essence and Environment” heading. We are dovetailing
with their mandate to contribute funds to projects that help restore the
built, natural and cultural heritage of our community. By working with Edgefund we hope to generate revenue through donations for ongoing planting projects. To date we have been able to  purchase eight large caliper trees that were successfully planted on eight different private properties this fall.Locally, private residential tree request forms can be picked up at the East Street Train Station. More information can also be provided by calling  211. The requests are processed to assess need and placed in the Spring  Campaign folder. We have a blog to keep people informed and updated at
https://goderichtrees.wordpress.com and have a webpage at
http://www.fb.com/goderichtrees. I can also be reached at
goderichtrees@gmail.com to help connect donors to recipients and answer any
questions.Over the winter months we plan a mass media campaign to build up to a
larger scale spring campaign.  The GTP is pleased to have a donated booth to
host our project at the 2012 Landscape Ontario Congress in Toronto. We
include Ontario Power Generation and Trees Ontario as being of assistance to
our project.

There are so many stories from our residents that haven’t been told yet
but part of the loss we sustained was our trees. The privacy and comfort
they provided us, the shade, the shelter and part of the soul of our
community as other living breathing entities.  The pictures you saw of the
devastation don’t even begin to give you a sense of how it feels to live,
work and play in a landscape devoid of them. Here is a gift that will truly
keep on giving.
Sincerely, Jody Armstead
Goderich Trees Project  co-ordinator
While every effort is being made to accommodate every request, and we are diligently working to fulfill all requests. We cannot make any guarantees with regard to tree requests, tree selection, tree conditions or their survival.
The project is also only open to private property owners in the town limits of Goderich, Ontario Canada.


4 responses to “Mission Statement

  1. Well done Jody and clan. All the best of great good luck with the registration.

  2. An amazing project. Replacing the Goderich tree canopy is good for everyone. Our health, the beauty of the community & healing the environment gets a boost from your good work-thanks.

    • Hi Karen: Thanks a million for your support. We firmly believe here at the Goderich Trees Project that healing the land will help heal the people. It’s always the first comment you hear from anyone just seeing it for the first time.

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