Goderich Trees: An Unincorporated Association of Volunteers.

Volunteering, insurance, liability and other trappings of modern red tape

by Goderich Trees on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 5:05pm

The users of this page and any organizers of, or participants in volunteer activities are NOT part of a volunteer organization.  We are an Unincorporated Association of Volunteers.  Those receiving the  support from this group should satisfy themselves we have the proper training and equipment for any task that we volunteer to complete and that the work site is safe. People seeking volunteer assistance should satisfy themselves to that point. The creators of this page and organizers of volunteer activities are not responsible for the actions of any Volunteers or any person who seeks or accepts the assistance of the Volunteers.

  1. SAFETY FIRST, in ALL things, in ALL activities, safety triumphs budgets, it triumphs time and it triumphs desires.  Do not do anything without the right certification, the right equipment, the right training.
  2. Under no circumstance does Goderich Trees, its volunteers, donors, supporters etc, promise to deliver any tree to any property.  Registering with Goderich Trees only signifies a desire to receive trees; it does not guarantee the residence registered, any plants, trees or support of any kind.
  3. Homeowners receiving support from Goderich Trees maybe asked to produce proof of liability insurance of a minimum of $2 million, prior to any installation of trees.
  4. It is the homeowners responsibility to “call before you dig”, locating all underground services prior to the installation of any trees. This is called “locates.”
  5. For Union Gas and Bell call                                      1-800-400-2255
  6. For Goderich Hydro and Water call                    519-524-7371
  7. For Hurontel call                                                          519-395-2625
  8. For East Link call                                                          1-800-331-7413
  9. For Goderich Sewer Locates call                            519-524-7222
  10. Goderich Trees will purchase trees with funds available, they will not provide the homeowner with the funds to purchase trees.
  11. Goderich Trees and the Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub is to be in NO way affiliated with or represent any interest of The Town of Goderich nor any project of their tree planting projects on Municipal lands. We are an Unincorporated Association of Volunteers assisting Private Properties only.
  12.  Please know that after all that is said and done. We are doing our utmost to raise funds to help private property owners get through this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Who budgeted for a Tornado?

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