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Planting the Ents.

Trees are normally marked on their north side  at the Nursery. They should not have any more than a quarter turn when replanted. Some varieties don’t care but most do! You can dig a bigger diameter of hole than  what the tree needs ,but don’t dig any deeper than they need to be at their natural growing height. Flood tree roots with water to bring out any air and settle earth tight against root ball.
Goderich soil is healthy if you don’t fertilize they will still grow I have been fertilizing my nursery this week high phosphorous and potash low in nitrogen. Mulch is great but no more than 3 inches deep or it will keep air from getting to the roots. Copy and pasted from one of our Tree Experts.


Tree planting starts this weekend.

Hello All:

Just keeping everyone apprised of our current status. I have ordered 8 large caliper trees to be delivered and planted by the volunteers this weekend.

These trees are going to eight separate properties and I’m really looking forward to seeing this thing in motion. Any media parties interested in attending this social event please email me at goderichtrees@gmail and I will let you know the particulars as they become available to me. Still plotting and planning the activity but should have all that in place shortly.

We are planning  to buy six more trees for a planting this fall and will consider ourselves in good shape.  Funding is just starting come in through the EdgeFund and we had a very small window to work in. Please be assured that we are gearing up for spring where the Campaign will be on a larger scale.

I am going to ask kindly here  that if you are interested in helping  please share this web page address at and follow OR make contact with the Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub through their Facebook page. Thanks in advance.

Batten down the hatches, it’s starting to feel like Old Man Winter is getting a bead on us 🙂

Tornado Path from an ultralite

Goderich Tornado Path

The quiet time, that wasn’t really quiet.

Writing this one today in hindsight and reflection on the period in there where it just got, plain old quiet. I wasn’t doing too much with the Hub and quite frankly I think we had hit the wall with  volunteer fatigue that everyone had warned us about. Little knowing that my mind was still cooking and Luke was thinking along the same lines. We weren’t really quiet though as I spent hours and hours on the Web reaching out trying to help people connect the dots and forming some amazing friendships that I’m sure will last my lifetime. It’s probably in this part that the main players of what will become the Goderich Trees Project start to be put in place by the universe. By people reaching out to help one another and by good fortune all over the internet and through all the meetings we attended. By what had happened to us just after the Tornado. It just wasn’t time yet to move forward, it was a time to work and to play and to live our own lives for a little while………and to gather our thoughts. The sense of Emergency had passed………..for now.

Here are only a few of the people that came in. A lady that was always at the chipper yard with me, got put into place and we connected over the net and realized where we knew each other from.  She has helped in amazing ways like moving donated trees for me to do an information booth and shows up with posters. Another fantastic young woman helping online the same way I was trying to. Find out later that I knew her father for years and had heard about her all those same years, an incredibly bright girl who tells it like it is and is a fantastic secretary and brilliant mind and doesn’t mind sharing her opinion.I respect and appreciate that. A man that has become my favourite “go to guy” because he can figure out all this techie, geek stuff light years before I ever will. For this blog. Thank you sir and for letting me use your brain space and being a fantastic writer. An executive director of a social services agency who is a power house and a feminist and a woman I’m starting to love disagreeing with because she always says back to me “there is no wrong answer.”….and whom has spent hours with me allowing me to integrate what I know with what she knows.

During this time, I saw a post on the GOTvs sight that was from a man that lives near Owen Sound and wanted to go out and dig up 200 White Cedar, rent a truck and bring them down for us and just start putting them in the ground. Also later has become one of my favourite “tree guys.” With a vast amount of knowledge. Keep teasing him, that this is all HIS fault!

* There is just a little of the fill and now I’ll go back to inserting stories.*