Goderich Trees Residential Tree Request Form

Right Click then save target as Goderich Trees Residential tree request form (PDF Format)


2 responses to “Goderich Trees Residential Tree Request Form

  1. Vivian Monforton

    I was speaking with Jody Armstead last fall and she had mentioned doing a survey of property owners to make list of trees lost in tornado to get a grant from the federal government. I was wondering if the survey was going to be done? If it is I would like to volunteer to help.
    Vivian Monforton

    • Hello Vivian:
      Last fall I checked into doing a survey of lost trees and quite frankly found the task too daunting. I did my homework to find out what would be required and spoke to a tree specialist in Toronto. I’m sorry but the title of this man escapes me right now. Basically he is an evaluator of trees. He said that we would have to go door to door and get property owners to come up with pictures of their trees with dates so he could give a rough estimate of age and value, plus the pictures of these trees would also need the property address in them to prove the loss. My understanding was that IF you could get all that information together he would then try to value the tree. It was a strange conversation because he was basically telling me the task was too difficult and he also let me know his fees which were also a little daunting. So we choose not to follow that avenue. Oh and we also talked to Ben Lobb about how long it would take for that to go through the bureaucracy for any kind of reimbursement and that was another reason. So, sorry to say but there will be no survey. If you want to inquire further about this for personal reasons I can dig through some old papers and see if I can come up that name and number for you. Just let me know.

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