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  1. Ken and Pauline Salisbury, U.K.

    How wonderful to see people working so hard for their town. It would seem that things may get worse before they get better, but pleased to see the trees are gradually being replaced. My husband and I sent a donation to the edgefund to go towards the replacement of trees. Keep going folks, we are sure that one day you will get your town back. We visited the town on our trip from the U.K. on the day on the Classic Car show at the end of July, and obviously were devastated to see the square destroyed after the tornado. . Many thanks to Rita at the Cedar Lodge motel for keeping us up to date.
    Best of Luck folks

    • Hello Pauline and Ken:
      How absolutely smashing to hear from the U.K.! I’ve got a 4th cousin in Gillingham Kent whom I adore hearing from. Thank you for your donation and your kind words. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to be here but we have got a phenomenal community and are pulling through together. We did manage to get eight large caliper trees planted this fall as I’m sure you know and are looking to do a much larger planting come spring. Winters are harsh here and I’m sure we are all going to notice the lack of our trees as windbreaks. It’s a wicked wind that comes from our west off of that Lake. Days when you’re driving that you can’t even see the hood of your car. Not to worry, we are made of some pretty strong stuff. Once again, thanks for getting in touch and know that we appreciate you and hope you will come back and visit us one day.
      I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.
      Jody Armstead………….of the London Armsteads. Henry Hugh to be exact. Ta ta.

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